6 Reasons for Failure of Your Writing Career

Quite often I have heard people failing after starting their career or their hobby. Most commonly I have seen people who want to be writers fail especially newbies. I too till am on my journey so I can’t claim to be an absolute expert but I wish to share with you few of the most common reason I have seen people fail or I have failed myself.

This list was compiled with my experience along with information from some of my friends who are writers or belong to digital marketing and content marketing world. I know many of you will relate to one or all the points because everyone faces them one time or the others.

Overwhelmed by information

There are more than 7 Billion people on earth. Approximately 3 Billion people have access to internet. Out of this 3 billion let us assume that only 1% of them are experts (though the original percentage is more) in their fields. The count remains in Millions. So when you use google, bing or any other search engine for the topic you want to research you will find tens of thousands of results, some relevant and some irrelevant.

This is called ‘Information Overload’ and can be overwhelming. I too faced the same problem when I started my blog.

All you have to do is close your eyes for 2 minutes. Think of all the information you need. Now open your eyes prepare your check list and look for only that specific information. Collect all genuine information. If you are new I would suggest you get the info you need and then move on to next point on your checklist.

Little extra information is like a double edged sword. It is good to have but can be harmful. It can distract you from your original goal of writing especially if you are writing with a tight schedule.


Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday. – Napoleon Hill

Procrastination is deadly. It is not related just for your writing career but life in general. If you have an article in your mind, start writing. If you do not have time at that moment note down the important points and work on it as soon as you get time. That is the only way. I have wasted a year procrastinating on starting my blog until one day it was pointed out to me by my mentor. I stopped procrastinating and to my surprise my blog was up and live in just a week.

Listening to others:

You all might have heard the story or might have seen it on the net about a father and daughter walking from their home to their field along with their mule. If not…

‘Once upon a time a father along with his daughter and their mule started from their house to go to their field. As the came out of the house the father heard his friend saying that what kind of a father was he making his daughter walk all the way to the field. The father felt bad and offered her daughter to ride the mule and he walked along. As he got to the next street some people commented that the daughter was ‘insensitive’, making her father walk and she herself was sitting comfortably on the mule. Now the daughter felt bad hearing it and urged her father to ride it and he complied. As they got to another street they heard some people commenting that the father was insensitive making his daughter, a woman, walk while he rode comfortably. Now they both felt bad. He asked his daughter to ride the mule together. On the next street again they heard people commenting that they are working the mule too hard and how insensitive they both were. Both of them felt bad and got down and started walking. As soon as they reached their field their neighbor laughed at them and asked about why were they both not riding the mule and spend all the energy walking.’

Did you get the drift of the story? No matter what you do people in life are going to criticize you. They might not have any ill intention (well some might) but that should not stop you from following your feelings. Explore this face of life and if you ever feel like this is not your cup of tea simply put it down, the waiter might have the order mixed with someone else or this is simply not your cup of tea.

Low Belief in one self:

As important as it is listening to yourself it is also important to believe in yourself, Have confidence in your abilities and your dreams. If you start writing just because your heart said so but you do not believe that you can you never will succeed.

In order to succeed, we must first believe we can. – Nikos Kazantzakis

If you believe in yourself then start building yourself for it. Did you think all the great people in the world became great because they did not believe in themselves? Not only have they believed in themselves they even made others believe in them. Moral of the story


Unable to find like-minded people and group:

Especially if you are starting your writing career find like-minded people. You are not alone. There are many others like you who have just started or some who are in the middle of their journey and some who have already achieved the success that you are aiming for. Try to connect with them. Not all will connect back with you but some will. Stay in touch with them according to their preference to not scare them away because frankly no one likes people who are all over you for everything.

They will give you more ideas and motivation. Join discussion forums, Facebook groups for bloggers, subscribe to bloggers in your niche, check out LinkedIn influencers group these will all help you in your work.

List of few places to find like-minded people:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Quora (Surprised? Try it once and you will know what I am talking about)

Fear of failure:

There is only one thing that makes a Dream impossible to achieve: Fear of Failure. – Paulo Coelho

If you think you will be successful overnight than please wake up. It happens only in movies and cartoons.

You might fail once or you might fail a 100 times it is all about not giving up. Do you think Edison was successful in his first attempt? Einstein was made fun of by his colleagues but now every school student has heard his name.

It is all about facing your fears but not like a stubborn bull. If you fail, pick yourself up and then analyze why you failed? Did you do enough research? Did you use all resources for promotion? Does your content need reworking? The answer to these questions will become guideline for your next work.

Recently one of my friends had an issue where his hosting expired for his blog. He lost all his data, the data which he had worked on for a year. I could clearly see the disappointment on his face. But after a good night sleep he came the next day with a plan and now his sight is back and within few days his content will also be up.

He did not back away with the fear that he will fail again. Instead he chose to rise up to the occasion and fight.

I love writing. I want to be a successful writer. It is my dream and I think it is my destiny. The list above is compiled with the help of personal experience and what I have discussed with friends. This is not the absolute list. Some points may relate to you some might not. You might even have your own points to add to this list.

If you do have points to add to this list I would be happy to hear it. I will be waiting for them in my comment section.

Thank you.

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