Anyone can Blog!

Hello Friends,

How are you doing?

I would like to invite each and everyone of you who are interested in writing an article for the Netizens but are unable to due to various reasons. Your reason can be

  • You do not have enough articles.
  • You do not have enough time.
  • You are afraid of failing but want to test the waters.
  • Or simply you are low on cash to start a professional blog.

No matter what your reason might be I am here to help. I will be starting a new category where I will put your article live on my blog and that too absolutely FREE!!! no catch.

I know the pain of starting a blog and maintaining it so I want to reach people to help them. So if you have any article you want to share with the world email me your article at and just write ‘My Article’ in the subject line.

I do have some conditions but not just me even you would think they are fair.

  • Critical analysis is OK but do not use any abusive language in your article.
  • If you are writing mature content do say so and I will update it accordingly but make sure you do it gracefully.
  • No Racist articles would be entertained.
  • Articles aimed at hurting religious feelings will not be entertained.

Do keep in line with these conditions. If your article is on the verge of crossing the lines but can be salvaged with minor changes I will suggest you those changes myself. If it is way over the line I would request you to rework on your article again.

So let lose that writer who was always hidden in you and start writing. The World is Waiting!!!