“The unpredictable life of a married woman, A Woman searching for love”

Life after marriage is an unpredictable journey for every one especially a ‘Women’. Especially the women referred here are those who are looking for reviving the love in a married life which has been lost somewhere during the course of time, the one who wants those lovable moments to come back in her life.

The one whom she married and loved more than she had anyone stopped caring about her. The one for whom she left her own parents, her home, and her blood relations and got married never cared about her, never takes stand for her and for her self-respect. Why? Who is at fault here?

Is this how we are raising our boys? Do we teach them to be like this or is it our society that teaches them to behave like this. I really don’t get it how can a guy do this to a girl when he knows that she sacrificed so many things just for him, just for the sake of her love for him.

She changes a lot for him and his family which was like a herculean task for her. It is really difficult to adjust into a new family which has a different atmosphere than her house but still she did that just to get his love back in her life.

She goes a step further and help continuing the family bloodline. She goes through to a lot of pain which is almost equal to breaking every bone in the body at the same time but still he doesn’t care for her feelings, why?

Just watching this kind of day and repent that she married you? She chose you over others. Who is at fault here, loving you unconditionally or caring for you infinitely?

These kinds of men should really change their criteria of looking at girls like an object. Don’t give girls a chance to judge your love for them into percentage or grade. Let them know that you still love them like you loved them before the marriage. Do not let them miss those days because once this pure and divine thread of marriage breaks than there is no second chance to tie it again.

Love is a divine feeling and if it is tainted it is the end of the world for that person. ‘Be the ‘Man’ she needs.



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